Parent/Child Group

     Our Parent/Child groups are small 60 minute classes designed for children 15-36 months. Children who are typically developing or have special needs are welcomed. In this class, parents and children participate together, and it is ideal for children who are still working on the separation process.

      Socialization, sharing, and taking turns are seamlessly integrated. Following circle time, an arts and crafts activity is introduced along with slightly more structured activities. Fine motor skills, attention, and following directions are key components of this part of the class. At the end of the class, a story is read while children can enjoy a snack.  

     Activities chosen by the instructors are designed to encourage development in speech, socialization, problem solving, cognitive, fine and motor skills. This early learning experience is enriched by a gentle, nurturing environment where parents/care givers learn strategies which will encourage interactive play and language development. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and caring environment for parent and child.